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These are image of the Acropolis and most are taken while on the Acropolis. Other photos from Athens, including some that show the Acropolis, are in a separate folder labeled Athens.
Athens, Erectheion, Caryatids, Sunset151-1448Athens, Acropolis f Lycavittos Hill151-1893Athens, Acropolis f Areopagus Hill151-1541Athens, Acropolis151-1435Athens, Acropolis151-1521Athens, Erectheion, Caryatids, Sunset151-1482Athens, Acropolis f Filopappos Hill151-1951Athens, Acropolis151-1409Athens, Acropolis, Guards151-1543Athens, Acropolis151-1414Athens, Acropolis151-1445Athens, Acropolis151-1446Athens, Acropolis151-1469Athens, Acropolis151-1471Athens, Acropolis151-1531Athens, Erectheion, Caryatids151-1442Athens, Acropolis f Below151-1555Athens, Acropolis f Areopagus Hill151-1548Athens, Acropolis f Filopappos Hill151-1954Athens, Acropolis, Erechtheion151-1495

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