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St George Island is one of the Pribilof Islands, out in the middle of the Bering Sea, famous for its wildlife, including all of the bird species and 80% of the world's northern fur seals. This island has a dark-sided Russian history where the locals were made into slaves to work the seal harvesting trade, and nearly putting the seals to extinction. This page will focus on the island and village rather than the wildlife. There are two additional pages on this website that cover the animal wildlife and one that is primarily about the bird population.
St George, Russian Orthodox Church0579634aSt George, Bidar, Skin Boat Frame0578652St George, Russian Orthodox Church0578765aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church0579372aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church0579009aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church0579358aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church0580202St George, Russian Orthodox Church V0579356St George, Russian Orthodox Church V0579626St George, Russian Orthodox Church V0580039St George, Kids0578728aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church, Interior V0579520aSt George, Russian Orthodox Church, Interior0579515aSt George, Tundra, Flower0579375St George, Tundra, Lichen0579310St George, Village Ovrlk0579697aSt George, Seal Processing Plants0579471St George, Shore0579715aSt George, Truck0580243St George, Bird Rocks0580120

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