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Dubrovnik is one of Europe's great cities. It has survived the onslaughts of many wars, including the most recent one in the 1990s, and other than new roofs, barely shows the wounds of war. Its huge wall surrounding the city is very complete and makes a good walk to view the city from.
Dubrovnik, Ovrlk1021108Dubrovnik, Ovrlk1021118Dubrovnik, Placa1020369Dubrovnik, View f City Walls, Revelin Fortress1020604Dubrovnik, Downtown, V FSDubrovnik, Pile Gate V1020316Dubrovnik, View f City Walls, Revelin Fortress1020644Dubrovnik, Pile Gate1021142Dubrovnik, Ovrlk1020273Dubrovnik, View f City Walls, Bell Tower V1020739Dubrovnik, View f City Walls, Boats1020747Dubrovnik, City Walls1020858Dubrovnik, Ovrlk1020297Dubrovnik, Boats in Harbor1021058Dubrovnik, City Wall, Tower1021128Dubrovnik, View f City Walls,Dominican Monastery1020889aDubrovnik, View f City Walls. Bell Tower1020725aDubrovnik, View f City Walls, Roof Tiles1020931Dubrovnik, View f City Walls V1020733aDubrovnik, Luza Sq1021178

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