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The Taylor Highway is a gravel road that connects the towns of Tok and Eagle. There were a lot of forest fires going on while I was there
Taylor Hwy, Flag and Cache0689986Taylor Hwy, Fireweed V0610098Taylor Hwy, Fireweed, People0610082Taylor Hwy, Fireweed, Riverbend0689919aTaylor Hwy, Fireweed0610095Taylor Hwy, Fireweed0610101aTaylor Hwy, Forest Fire V0610116Taylor Hwy, Forest Fire V0689917Taylor Hwy, Forest Fire0689906Taylor Hwy, Forest Fire0689913Taylor Hwy, Fox0689909aTaylor Hwy, Jack Wade Dredge0689929Taylor Hwy, River0690012Taylor Hwy0610120Taylor Hwy V0610175Taylor Hwy, Burned Tree0610164aTaylor Hwy, Firebreak0689987Taylor Hwy, Fireweed V0610007Taylor Hwy, Fireweed V0610076aTaylor Hwy, Fireweed V0610099a

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