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Seward is on the eastern part of the Kenai Peninsula, the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park. Some cruise ships stop here as the terminus of their Inside Pasage trips, and passengers then head on to Anchorage, many for tours to the north country. Seward is named after the Secretary of State who purchased Alaska, also known as Seward's Folly until gold was discovered just a couple of years later in Juneau.
Seward, Harbor0575109Seward Junction0573435aSeward, Benson Memorial0575130aSeward, Boat0573506Seward, Boats0573514aSeward, Boats0573515aSeward, Downtown0575133Seward, Downtown0575137Seward, Fire Truck0573499aSeward, Fish Cleaning Stand0575111Seward, Gull0575084aSeward, Gulls0575091Seward, Harbor V0574710Seward, Harbor, Otter0574721bSeward, Harbor, Otter0574726aSeward, Harbor0574699Seward, Harbor0574703Seward, Harbor0574708Seward, Harbor0575104Seward, House V0573521a

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