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Tortoli lies on the eastern coast of Sardinia.
Tortoli, Sardinia, Mural1028329Tortoli, Sardinia, Street1028327Tortoli, Flowers1028310aTortoli, Sardinia, Bldg V1028306Tortoli, Sardinia, Bldg, Tower1028315Tortoli, Sardinia, Cafe1028322Tortoli, Sardinia, Cafe1028322aTortoli, Sardinia, Car in Grass1028340Tortoli, Sardinia, Church, Int, Crucifix V1028300Tortoli, Sardinia, Church, Int, Statue V1028296aTortoli, Sardinia, Church, Int, Statue V1028298bTortoli, Sardinia, Door V1028292Tortoli, Sardinia, Door V1028302Tortoli, Sardinia, Flowers1028308Tortoli, Sardinia, Flowers1028311aTortoli, Sardinia, Sign1028305Tortoli, Sardinia, Wall Art V1028319aTortoli, Sardinia, Wall Art1028318aTortoli,Sardinia, San Andrea Church1028289

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