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Enniskillen, Castle S V-0512Castle Coole S -0514Mt Stewart, House and Garden S -0533Mt Stewart, Garden S -0534Mt Stewart, Garden, Statue S V-0535Down, Dundrum Bay, Beach181-1376Down, Dundrum Bay, Dunes181-1367Down, Warrenpoint, Bay181-1249Newry, Bus Station181-1242Down, Camlough Bay, View181-1360Down, Camlough Bay, View181-1361Down, Dundrum Bay, Beach181-1369Down, Dundrum Bay, Beach181-1373Down, Dundrum Bay, Dunes V181-1366Down, Dundrum Bay, Dunes181-1370Down, Dundrum Bay, Dunes181-1371Down, Warrenpoint, Heron181-1244Down, Warrenpoint, Heron181-1246Down, Warrenpoint, Old Swimming Pool181-1247Down, Warrenpoint, Promenade181-1250

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