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Ponza is a beautiful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the central west coast of Italy.
Ponza, Harbor, Boats1030085Ponza, Bay, Cliffs1029689Ponza, SOO Zodiac1029543aPonza, Arch, Flowers V1029632Ponza, Beach1029816Ponza, Arch, Flowers1029625Ponza, Bldgs1030135aPonza, Boat w Couple1029939aPonza, Boats, Town1030043aPonza, Cemetery, Cliff1029902Ponza, Fisherman Fixing Nets1029647Ponza, Cemetery, SOO1030111Ponza, Cemetery1030122Ponza, Fishing Nets1029699aPonza, Chiaia de Luna1029803aPonza, Harbor, Fisherman in Boat1030054aPonza, Harbor, Fisherman1030186aPonza1029538Ponza, Faraglioni di Lucia Rosa1029751Ponza, Harbor, Boat1030090b

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