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Cordova is a small, remote fishing town on the Gulf of Alaska. It once was a port for the Kennicott Mine which is now in Wrangell St Elias National Park to the north, but the mine closed and the road plans were abandoned. But a very expensive bridge was built between two large glaciers (that have now receded immensely) and just gets to the other side, with nowhere to go. A portion of the bridge collapsed during the Good Friday earthquake of 1964, and was repaired by just putting a ramp across the part that had collapsed.
Cordova, Childs G, Trees020623-2793Cordova, Childs G020623-2759Cordova, Childs G020623-2779Cordova, Childs G020623-2784Cordova, Countryside020623-2745Cordova, Mil Dlr Br020623-2746Cordova, Mil Dlr Br020623-2750Cordova, Mil Dlr Br020623-2752Cordova, Mil Dlr Br020623-2764Cordova, Mil Dlr Br020623-2768Cordova, Miles G020623-2757a

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