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The northern lights are a natural spectacle usually reserved for polar regions. Occuring mostly after intense solar activity, magnetic particles are attracted to the magnetic poles. The reason these are seen so much more in the winter than the summer is not because of the cold (temperature has nothing to do with the lights, they are many miles up in the atmosphere) but because that is the time when it is darker and the lights are easier to see. Most of these images were taken in September in Fairbanks, Alaska, one of the best places to see this phenomenon easily.
Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis V0612056Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612406Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612451Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612402Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612470Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612484Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0613081aFairbanks, Aurora Borealis0613112Richardson Hwy, Aurora Borealis0612881Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612027Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612029Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612037Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612044Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612046Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612074aFairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612075Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612357Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612360Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612363Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis0612370

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