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Fontfroide Abbey is a private monastery in southern France near the border with Spain.
Fontfroide Abbey, Archway V1033088aFontfroide Abbey, Church, Cloisters V1033140Fontfroide Abbey, Church, Cloisters1033152Fontfroide Abbey, Cloisters1033122aFontfroide Abbey, Courtyard1033090Fontfroide Abbey, Woman in Church V1033171aFontfroide Abbey, Above the Cloisters V1033141Fontfroide Abbey, Altar1033160aFontfroide Abbey, Archway V1033082Fontfroide Abbey, Bell V1033078aFontfroide Abbey, Carving1033142aFontfroide Abbey, Church Int V1033157Fontfroide Abbey, Church Int V1033159aFontfroide Abbey, Church, Cloisters V1033153Fontfroide Abbey, Church, Cloisters1033144Fontfroide Abbey, Church, Cloisters1033151Fontfroide Abbey, Cloisters V1033116Fontfroide Abbey, Cloisters V1033118Fontfroide Abbey, Cloisters1033115Fontfroide Abbey, Courtyard1033092a

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