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A short journey through the countryside in western Guatemala, including a small tornado!
Puerto Quetzal, nr, Tornado V1115617aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Tornado V1115619aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Tornado V1115621aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Tornado V1115623aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Volcano1115907aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman and Toddler1115913aGuatemala, Man, Boy, Wall1115878aGuatemala, School Girls1115882aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman and Girls1115908aGuatemala, Village, Boy w Bike1115642aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman Carrying Child1115921aGuatemala, Village, Girls at Store1115876aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Laundry1115894aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Man on Horse115901aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Man on Roof V1115911aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Man V1115897aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Village1115898aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman and Children1115914aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman V1115892aPuerto Quetzal, nr, Woman1115899

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