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Naples is one of the larger cities in Italy and has a lot of very interesting things to see around it. I have to admit that I have not spent a lot of time in the city itself, except in terror trying to drive through it.
Naples, Castle St Elmo, Roof151-0006Naples, Galleria Umberto 1 150-9945Naples, Castel Nuovo151-0142Naples, Castle St Elmo, View151-0016Naples, Cruise Terminal151-9896Naples, Castle St Elmo, View151-0011Naples, Marina150-9919Naples, New Castle151-9897Naples, Piazza Dante151-0100Naples, San Francesco di Paola150-9930Naples, Spanish Quarter V151-0043Naples, Spanish Quarter V151-0089Naples, Spanish Quarter, Lady on Balcony151-0064Naples, Spanish Quarter, Vegetable Stand V151-0058MV World Odyssey, Naples, Italy151-9888MV World Odyssey, Naples, Italy151-9895Naples, Castel Nuovo and Castel St Elmo150-9908Naples, Castle St Elmo, Roof150-9994Naples, Castle St Elmo, Roof151-0029Naples, Castle St Elmo, View150-9963

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