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Siena is a Tuscan hilltop town with a well-preserved medieval core.
Siena, View0943818Siena, Street, Window Display0944022aSiena, Piazza del Campo, City Tower0943976Siena, Street0943831Siena, View0943844Siena, City Tower, View, Duomo0944063Siena, View0943854Siena, View0943856Siena, Duomo0943949Siena, Duomo, Int0943884Siena, Duomo, Int, Marble Floor Design0943886Siena, Duomo, Int0943901Siena, Duomo, Int0943913Siena, View V0943825Siena, San Domenica Church0943828Siena, Street V0943859Siena, Duomo, Unfinished Facade V0943874Siena, Piazza del Duomo, Bldg0943877Siena, Duomo, Int V0943883Siena, Duomo, Int, Marble Floor Design0943885

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