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Bonifacio is a stunningly situated cliff-top village at the southern tip of the island of Corsica in southern France.
Bonifacio, Corsica, Town Wall1030384Bonifacio, Corsica, Beach, Rocks V1030564Bonifacio, Corsica, Bldgs on Cliff V1030438Bonifacio, Corsica, Bldgs on Cliff V1030406Bonifacio, Corsica1030272Bonifacio, Corsica1030623Bonifacio, Corsica, Bldgs on Cliff1030433Bonifacio, Corsica, Town Walls V1030817Bonifacio, Corsica, Town Walls1030822Bonifacio, Corsica, Tunnel, Town Wall1030379Bonifacio, Corsica, Bldgs on Cliff1030451aBonifacio, Corsica, Boat f Cliff1030442aBonifacio, Corsica, Cemetery, Crosses1030687Bonifacio, Corsica, Cemetery, Flowers, Cross V1030701aBonifacio, Corsica, Cliffs V1030470aBonifacio, Corsica, f Harbor1030827aBonifacio, Corsica, Cliffs V1030556aBonifacio, Corsica, Cliffs1030465aBonifacio, Corsica, Cliffs1030476aBonifacio, Corsica, Cliffs1030520a

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