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Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is a very liveable city with lots of outdoor activities. It has a fascinating collection of specialty museums. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year in Oslo (The other Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden). Vigeland Park and the Folkemuseum both have their own pages on this website.
Oslo, Harbor, City Hall1044412Oslo, Harbor, City Hall1044442Oslo, Royal Palace1044338aOslo, Viking Ship Museum V1043939aOslo, National Theater V1044350aOslo, Parliament Bldg1044336aOslo, Aker Brygge1044403Oslo, Bldgs1044320Oslo, City Hall, Int, Murals1044360aOslo, Downtown, Street V1044332Oslo, Lake Ovrlk1044313Oslofjord, Islet, Church1044459Oslofjord, Sailing Ship V1044473aOslo, Aker Brygge V1044411Oslo, Akershus Castle1044391Oslo, Akershus Fortress V1044438Oslo, Akershus Fortress1044435Oslo, Bldg V1044354Oslo, Bldgs V1044128Oslo, Chalet1044291

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