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Gloucester, Fishermens Monument, V030624-2832Gloucester, Good Harbor Beach030624-2896Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Boat and Factory030624-2863aGloucester, Inner Harbor, Boats030624-2875Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Docks030624-2858Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Fishing Boats030624-2859Gloucester030624-2889Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Swan030624-2879aGloucester, Fishermens Monument, V030624-2830aGloucester, Fishermens Monument, V030624-2836aGloucester, Fishermens Monument, V030624-2837Gloucester, Fishermens Wives Memorial Statue, V030624-2826Gloucester, Fitz Hugh Lane Statue030624-2840Gloucester, Good Harbor Beach, Sign, V030624-2901Gloucester, Good Harbor Beach030624-2897Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Boats, V030624-2871Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Egret, Swan030624-2876aGloucester, Inner Harbor, Fishing Boat030624-2865Gloucester, Inner Harbor, Ten Pound Island Light030624-2828aGloucester, Lanes Cove, Sunset030624-2955

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