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Saint-Malo is a walled town in Brittany along the English Channel. The first time I visited here was the day after the September 11 terrorist incident in the US. There were American flags flying and hanging from windows all around the town showing their support. These images are from a later visit.
St Malo, Sailboat1038121aSt Malo, Statue1037845aSt Malo1038119aSt Malo, Bldg V1037849aSt Malo, Bldg1037842aSt Malo, Flowers1037859aSt Malo, Fortress1038126aSt Malo, Lighthouse1038117aSt Malo, Sailboat1038123aSt Malo, Ship1037854aSt Malo, Street V1037835St Malo, Suitcases V1037837aSt Malo1037823aSt Malo1037825St Malo1037827St Malo1037828St Malo1037833

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