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Hatcher Pass is very conveniently reached between Wasilla and Palmer, north of Anchorage. Independence Mine is located there and has a page of its own on this site. The pass is a great place for cross-country skiing and other winter recreation.
Hatcher Pass, Lodge0573662aHatcher Pass0939427aHatcher Pass0939437Hatcher Pass V0939366Hatcher Pass0939302Hatcher Pass V0573644Hatcher Pass, Little Susnita R0573626Hatcher Pass, Mother Lode0939261Hatcher Pass0939240Hatcher Pass0939244Hatcher Pass0939379Hatcher Pass0939414Hatcher Pass0939431Hatcher Pass, Dogs0939345aHatcher Pass0939514Hatcher Pass V0939233Hatcher Pass, Little Susnita R V0573618Hatcher Pass, Little Susnita R V0573630Hatcher Pass, Mother Lode0939250Hatcher Pass, Mother Lode0939255

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