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Bucovina, in northern Romania, is a bit like going back a hundred years. A very proud and traditional people, they also seem to be very happy, and hard-working, yet very friendly as well.
Marginea, Horse Cart030929-0620bBotos, Horse Cart, House030929-0267Botosona, Baby Carriage030929-0633aBuhalnita, Child030930-0914Botosona, Fieldworker030929-0642aBuhalnita, Church030930-0911aMoldovita Monastery, Interior, Frescoes030929-0406Moldovita Monastery, Nun, Cow030929-0446asMoldovita Monastery, Well030929-0376Botosona, Fieldworkers030929-0628aCampalung Moldovanesc, Dog030930-0798Campalung Moldovanesc, Museum, Painted Eggs030930-0787Humor Monastery, Interior, Frescoes030929-0680Humor Monastery, Painted Eggs030929-0700Humorului, Girls030929-0702aOrata, Grandmother and Child030930-0821Orata, Hayfences030930-0825Orata, Inside House030930-0805Humorului, Field, Haystacks030929-0726Sucevita Monastery, Cross, V030929-0513

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