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Nagasaki was one of the first cities in Japan to accept foreigners for trade. It is a city rich in scenic variety, historic and religious monuments. It was the second city to suffer a nuclear bomb in World War II, but the bomb missed its target somewhat, exploding over a catholic church instead of a shipyard. That, combined with a more hilly terrain, resulted in less devastation than that which occured in Hiroshima.
Nagasaki, Torii, Megami Ohashi Br0621092aNagasaki, Bus Attendant V0835467Nagasaki, Confucius Shrine0619099aNagasaki, Confucius Shrine0619115Nagasaki, Confucius Shrine0619125Nagasaki, Confucius Shrine0619160Nagasaki, Glover Garden, Mitsubishi Dock Hs0619037Nagasaki, Glover Garden, School Kids0619064Nagasaki, Ground Zero, Monuments0833355Nagasaki, Ground Zero, Paper Cranes0831562Nagasaki, Kids V0619205Nagasaki, Kids V0619211Nagasaki, Kids V0948218Nagasaki, Kids0618949aNagasaki, Peace Museum V0619018Nagasaki, Peace Museum, Statue V0620901Nagasaki, Peace Museum, Statue0620911Nagasaki, Peace Park, Bulgaria Mon V0835451Nagasaki, Peace Park, Fountain, Monument0831508Nagasaki, Peace Park, Monument, Reflection V0835448

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