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San Jose del Cabo is the more authentic, less touristy town at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. There is still a lot of tourism here, but it is not quite as overwhelmed by the tourism as is Cabo San Lucas.
Cabo San Lucas, Water Taxi, Holland America Ships1115460aSan Jose del Cabo, Aerial View031218-4372San Jose del Cabo, Beach Chairs030131-0788San Jose del Cabo, Beach, Horses030131-0779San Jose del Cabo, Beach, Horses030131-0780aSan Jose del Cabo, Beach030131-0775aSan Jose del Cabo, Church, Altar105-0539San Jose del Cabo, Church105-0534San Jose del Cabo, Gull030131-0786San Jose del Cabo, Powered Hangglider030131-0770aSan Jose del Cabo, Shoeshine105-0536Todos Santos, Hotel California123-2325

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