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Avignon is an old walled city in Southern France and was the home of many popes for over a century during the Catholic Schism in the 13-1400s.
Avignon, Palace of the Popes0932846Avignon, Palace of the Popes V0932916Avignon, Palace of the Popes, Display Cat0932864aAvignon, Palace of the Popes, View09322910Avignon, Palace of the Popes0932915Avignon, Pont D'Avignon, Lavender0932834Avignon, Bell Tower0932938Avignon, Bldg Ornamentation09322912Avignon, Bldg Ornamentation0932853Avignon, Bldg w Window Murals0932934aAvignon, Bldg0932941Avignon, Carosel0932940Avignon, Courtyard0932954Avignon, Elephant Standing on Trunk Sculpture V0932855Avignon, Lavender0932838aAvignon, Lavender0932840aAvignon, Mime V0932848aAvignon, Mime V0932849aAvignon, nr, Sunflowers0932831aAvignon, nr, Sunflowers0932833a

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