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The Shumagin Islands in southwest Alaska have an interesting petrified forest along the beach. There is also good marine life and tundra.
Shumagin Is, Anemone020617-1882aShumagin Is, Chiton020617-1929Shumagin Is, Green020617-1877Shumagin Is, Lupine020617-1910Shumagin Is, Lupine020617-1912Shumagin Is, Mussels020617-1878Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020602-0299Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020602-0327Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020602-0329Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020602-0334Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020602-0337Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020617-1869Shumagin Is, Petrified Wood020617-1899Shumagin Is, Plant020617-1915Shumagin Is, SOO020602-0315Shumagin Is, Starfish020617-1865aShumagin Is, Starfish020617-1876aShumagin Is, Stream020602-0308Shumagin Is, Zodiac Landing020602-0300Shumagin Is, Zodiac020602-0303

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