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The Vatican Museum is one of the world's most impressive museums with incredible artwork and sculpture. My favorites include the ceilings and maps.
Vatican, Museum, Ceiling Painting V0946260Vatican, Museum, Ceiling Design V0946178Vatican, Museum, Ceiling Painting V0946176Vatican, Museum V0946270Vatican, Museum, Ceiling V0946184Vatican, Museum, Ceiling V0946195Vatican, Museum, Ceiling0946166Vatican, Museum, Ceiling0946193Vatican, Museum, Ceiling0946277Vatican, Museum, Ceiling0946279Vatican, Museum, Ceiling0946282Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art V0946135Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art V0946136Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art V0946143Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art, Statue V0946139Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art0946140Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Art0946146Vatican, Museum, Egyptian Mummy V0946138Vatican, Museum, Floor0946172Vatican, Museum, Frescoes, Raphael V0946221

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