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I visited Kosovo, when it was part of Yugoslavia, shortly before the war broke out there. It was a very interesting place, with very poor but hospitable nice people. It was the one place in Yugoslavia that I did feel that some tensions were mounting. The road from Montenegro to Kosovo was very rough, and much of the road washed out in places - fortunately I was driving my SUV. A rental car never would have made it.
Kosovo, Cakor Pass S -8444Kosovo, Cakor Pass S -8445Kosovo, Cakor Pass S  V-8446Kosovo, Cakor Pass S -8447Kosovo, Cakor Pass S -8448Kosovo, Rugovo Pass S  -8449Kosovo, Pec, Patriarch S  -8450Kosovo, Visoki Decani Monastery S  -8451Kosovo, Djako Vica S  -8452Kosovo, River nr Bistrazin S  -8453Kosovo, Prizren, Butcher Shop S  -8454Kosovo, Prizren, Street S  -8455Kosovo, Prizren, Mosaic S  -8456Kosovo, Prizren, Mosque S V-8457Kosovo, Prizren, Street S V-8458

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