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Wallachia is the southern area of Romania, north of the Danube River and south of the Carpathians. It is still an area filled with old-world charm.
Burlusi, Horse Cart030926-9238aAzugg, People on Bench031003-1823aCapataneni, Cows in Road030926-9146Budesti, Salt and Pepper Dispenser030926-9242aCapataneni, Couple w Flowers030926-9152Capataneni, Barn, V030926-9132Capataneni, House, Boy030926-9166Capataneni, Troitza030926-9162Curtea de Arges, Monastery, Flowers030925-9106Pitesti, Chemical Plant030925-9093aSinaia, Peles Palace031004-1870Curtea de Arges, Church of Princely Court, Interior03092 (1)Arges Gorge, V030926-9124Burlusi, Horse Cart030926-9241Burlusi, Horse, V030926-9239Burlusi, Plum Drying, V030926-9237Busteni, Dog on Stairs031003-1829aCalimanesti, Cozia Monastery, Dragon Slayer, V030926-9256aCalimanesti, Cozia Monastery, Flower030926-9261aCalimanesti, Cozia Monastery, Fresco030926-9252a

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