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The MV Explorer stopped at Dominica for two days at the beginning of the voyage around-the-world, as part of the Semester-at-Sea experience. I was able to spend a half-day exploring around the island a bit.
Roseau, Morne Bruce, Ovrlk120-4348Roseau, River120-4267Roseau, Botanical Garden, Crushed Bus120-4361Roseau, Clock120-4284Roseau, Yellow Wall, Grafitti120-4318Roseau, Building120-4278Roseau, Morne Bruce, Caterpillar120-4344Ti Tou Gorge, Jumper V120-4415Roseau, Building120-4279Ti Tou Gorge, Waterfall V120-4420Roseau, Building120-4281Roseau, Houses120-4263Roseau, Boats120-4283Roseau, Boats120-4260Roseau, Banana Tree120-4365Roseau, Botanical Garden, Bamboo Grove120-4363Roseau, Botanical Garden, Sisserou Parrots120-4362Roseau, Building120-4310Roseau, Buildings, Ship V120-4307Roseau, Church V120-4290

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