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The Wrangell Narrows is one of the narrowest navigable channels in the Inside Passage. It extends from Wrangell north to Petersburg. Most large cruise ships are unable to take this route, though small ships and the marine highway do make the point of using this route.
Wrangell Narrows, Bald Eagles in Tree V0820975aWrangell Narrows, Bald Eagles in Tree0820979aWrangell Narrows, Coast Guard Ship030514-9543Wrangell Narrows, Mtn0817842Wrangell Narrows030528-1664aWrangell Narrows030528-1668Wrangell Narrows030528-1671Wrangell Narrows0817833Wrangell Narrows0817835Wrangell Narrows0817838Wrangell Narrows0817841

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