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Bornholm is an island of Denmark, located in the Baltic Sea, with some pleasant countryside including a round church, and some very interesting barns and other architecture.
Bornholm, Barn1044795aBornholm, Countryside, House1044906aBornholm, Countryside, Windmill1044755aBornholm, Farm Bldg1044808aBornholm, Farm1044799aBornholm, Girl on Swing V1044782aBornholm, Hammershus Castle, Ruins1044616aBornholm, Round Church1044825aBornholm, Round Church1044901Bornholm, Round Church V1044840aBornholm, Round Church, Int, Tower V1044878aBornholm, Round Church, Int, Tower1044861aBornholm, Round Church, Int, Wall Paintings V1044888aBornholm, Countryside, Barns1044921aBornholm, Countryside, Church1044925aBornholm, Countryside, Deer in Field1044914aBornholm, Countryside, Horses1044908aBornholm, Countryside, Horses1044910aBornholm, Countryside1044602aBornholm, Farm Bldg1044811a

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