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Equator Sign V S-7791Banos, Horse and Dog S-7860Cotapaxi NP, Truck S-7884Banos, Parade, Kids S-7864Mirador San Pablo, Countryside S-7796Mirador San Pablo, Kids w Llama S-7799Cotachi, Street S-7804Papallacta Pass S -7809Cuyuja, Horse, Store S -7812Archidona, Church S -7814Banos, Church, Heart S V-7861Banos, Horse, Wall S-7865Banos, Dog at Video Shop S V-7868Banos, Blue House S-7874Equator Monument, View V S-7792Equator Monument S-7793Calderon, Doll Maker S-7794Nr Equator, Kitchen S-7795Mirador San Pablo, Countryside S-7797Mirador San Pablo, Countryside S-7798

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