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El Kala is a port city in the very northeast part of Algeria bordering with Tunisia. It is the gateway to El Kala National Park, which is featured on its own page on this website.
El Kala, Apartments1027542aEl Kala, Apartments107620El Kala, Wall Art1027539aEl Kala, Apartments107619aEl Kala, Balcony1027501El Kala, Couple on Street1027505El Kala, Donkey107616El Kala, Fortress1027512aEl Kala, Fortress1027522El Kala, House1027528El Kala, Jetty1027514El Kala, Lighthouse1027510aEl Kala, Outdoor Sculpture1027535aEl Kala, Photographer f Bus1027524aEl Kala, Political Poster107621aEl Kala, Seaside1027503El Kala, Shore1027533aEl Kala, Sidewalk Stand1027545aEl Kala, Soccer Game1027485aEl Kala, Statue1027536a

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