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Siauliai, Hill of Crosses S -8563Siauliai, Hill of Crosses S -8564Siauliai, Hill of Crosses S V-8565Siauliai, Hill of Crosses S V-8566Siauliai, St Petro Church S V-8567Siauliai, St Petro Church S V-8568Siauliai, St Petro Church, Cross S -8569Siauliai, Kids Playing S -8570Siauliai, Sun Boy Monument S V-8571Pelanga, Kids Fishing S -8572Klaipeda, Fountain S -8573Klaipeda, Cranes, Sunset S -8574Klaipeda, Harbor, Cranes S V-8575Klaipeda, Dredger S -8576Klaipeda, Ships S -8577Neringa, Witches Hill, Carving S -8578Neringa, Nida Dunes S -8579Neringa, Nida Cemetery, Krikstas S -8580Pervalka Beach, Tower S -8581Pervalka Beach S -8582

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