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Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and is famous for the Nidaros Cathedral, which is the world's northernmost medieval cathedral.
Trondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses, Reflection1042293aTrondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses, Reflection1042296aTrondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses, Reflection1042299aTrondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses, Reflection1042305aTrondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouse1042166Trondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses1042159aTrondheim, Nidelva R, Warehouses, Reflection V1042318Trondheim, Bldgs V1042180aTrondheim, Old Town Bridge1042283aTrondheim, Puppy V1042143aTrondheim, Nidaros Cathedral V1042219aTrondheim, Nidaros Cathedral1042202aTrondheim, Nidaros Cathedral, Statue1042195aTrondheim, Nidaros Cathedral, Detail1042205aTrondheim, Street V1042272aTrondheim, Street V1042313aTrondheim, Sverresli Viewpoint, Bldgs1042248aTrondheim, Architecture1042118aTrondheim, Bldg1042319aTrondheim, Bldg1042330a

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