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Point Reyes National Seashore is on a peninsula projecting off of the coast of the San Andreas Fault, north of San Francisco.
Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse130-6055Pt Reyes NS V130-6046Pt Reyes NS V130-6047Pt Reyes NS130-6048Pt Reyes NS130-6049Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse130-6051Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse V130-6054Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse130-6057Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse130-6059Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse130-6061Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse V130-6062Pt Reyes NS130-6067Pt Reyes NS130-6068Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse Steps130-6076Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse Steps130-6078Pt Reyes NS, Lighthouse V130-6079Pt Reyes NS130-6080Pt Reyes NS130-6084Pt Reyes NS V130-6085Pt Reyes NS130-6089

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