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Arizona Strip, Sunset0468320bArizona Strip, Cows0467818aAZ Welcome Sign, Hoover Dam0748773Buffalo Pass, Bull1118783aBuffalo Pass, Rock Formation1118793Buffalo Pass, Rock Formation1118795Buffalo Pass, Rock Formation1118796Four Corners Area, AZ030705-4093aFour Corners, AZ, Sign030705-4089aNr Zuni Pueblo, Windmill S -3001Meteor Crater S -3003Pipe Spring NM, Cart S -3151Pipe Spring NM, Wagon S -3152Pipe Spring NM, Bldg S -3153Walnut Canyon NM S -3159Wupatki NM, Wupatki Ruins S -3160Wupatki NM, Lomaki Ruins S -3161Sunset Crater NM S -3162AZ Welcome Sign S -3223Flagstaff, Storm S -3288

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