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Normandy has a lot of interesting history and historical sights, but these days is most known for the WWII landing sites.
Caen1038134aLe Havre, Docks130-9715Arromanches les Baines1038178Arromanches les Baines1038171aColleville, American Cemetery V1038291Colleville, American Cemetery, Memorial1038254aColleville, American Cemetery, Star of David1038273aColleville, American Cemetery1038270aPointe Du Hoc1038364Omaha Beach, Monument V1038330aNormandy, Church V1038244aNormandy, Bldg V130-9526Le Havre, Wedding130-9635Crepon, Bldg, Garden1038208Crepon, Bldg1038204Crepon, Cafe, Tables1038210Crepon, Garden, Butterfly1038212bCrepon, Garden, Cows1038219aArromanches les Baines, Flags1038159aArromanches les Baines1038145a

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