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Moorea gets my vote as the most beautiful of the Society Islands. I was fortunate to have a full day on my own to drive around and explore it.
Moorea, Cooks Bay0585948Moorea, Tree0586242aMoorea, Teavaro0585907aMoorea, Mt Mouaroa0585983aMoorea, Cooks Bay0585964aMoorea, Belvedere View0585999Moorea, Pihaena0586062Moorea, Trail V0586004Moorea, Pihaena0586055Moorea, Road0586095Moorea, Opunohu Bay0586106Moorea, Giant Statue0586131Moorea0586134aMoorea, Haapiti Church0586142aMoorea, Net Tree0586163Moorea, Atiha0586168aMoorea, Atiha, V0586181aMoorea, Flowering Tree0586220Moorea, Afareaitu, Church0586268Moorea, f Ferry0585896b

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