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Glacier Bay National Park is at the northern end of the Inside Passage and contains a huge variety of glaciers and interesting geologic formations, as well as land and marine wildlife. The mountains here are some of the highest coastal range mountains in the world. It is popular with cruise ships, though only a limited number can go in on a given day, and it is very restricted as to where they can do.
Glacier Bay, Margerie and GP Glacier0465931aGlacier Bay, Lamplaugh and JH Glaciers0465917aGlacier Bay NP, Margerie G020707-4452Glacier Bay NP, Margerie G020707-4407Glacier Bay NP, Grand Pacific Glacier,Sailboat030516-0159Glacier Bay NP, Bald Eagle on Iceberg, Lamplugh Glacier0820143Glacier Bay NP, Ice, Bird030527-1245asGlacier Bay NP, Bald Eagle on Iceberg0820137aGlacier Bay NP, Black Bear020707-4595aGlacier Bay NP, Brown Bears0818740aGlacier Bay NP, Clouds030527-1422Glacier Bay NP, Ice, Bird030527-1246aGlacier Bay NP, Casement Glacier030527-1408aGlacier Bay NP, Glacier020707-4363Glacier Bay NP, Ice, Birds030527-1236aGlacier Bay NP, Margerie Glacier0818788Glacier Bay NP, Lamplugh G, Boat020707-4525Glacier Bay NP, Lamplugh G020707-4508Glacier Bay NP, Lamplugh Glacier030516-0020Glacier Bay NP, Marble Is, Sea Lions030527-1454s

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