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Lake Matheson is a beautiful small lake reflecting the mountains located near the Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers.
Lk Matheson0811825Lk Matheson0811770Lk Matheson0811788Lk Matheson0811810Lk Matheson0811817Lk Matheson V0811612Lk Matheson, Tr, Spider Web V0811866Westland NP, Lk Wahapo0812029aLk Matheson V0811630Lk Matheson V0811719Lk Matheson V0811774Lk Matheson V0811802Lk Matheson V0811832Lk Matheson, Bird0811692aLk Matheson, Cafe0811898Lk Matheson, Tr V0811623Lk Matheson, Tr V0811639Lk Matheson, Tr, Ferns0811747Lk Matheson, Tr, Mountains0811647aLk Matheson, Tr, Mtns0811699

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