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Metlakatla is a native village very near Ketchikan. It is actually an Indian Reservation and the only such reservation in the state of Alaska. There is a cannery in town which employs a number of people during the summer months, and they do cultural performances for tourists as well. It is not typically visited by the larger cruise ships on their Inside Passage cruises.
Metlakatla020705-3884Metlakatla, Bald Eagles0820996aMetlakatla, Boat0821714Metlakatla, Cannery Roof, Eagle0817670aMetlakatla, Cannery, Line020629-3670Metlakatla, Cannery, Roe020629-3660Metlakatla, Cannery020629-3646Metlakatla, Cannery020629-3649Metlakatla, Church0821616Metlakatla, Dock0821700Metlakatla, Dog in Canoe0821693Metlakatla, Duncan Cottage020629-3671Metlakatla, Eagle, Flying020705-3810aMetlakatla, Eagles on Bldg0820987aMetlakatla, Eagles020705-3812aMetlakatla, Eagles020705-3829Metlakatla, Eagles020705-3844aMetlakatla, Longhouse, Facade V0821665Metlakatla, Native Dance0817706Metlakatla, Native Dance V0817710

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