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Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, but lacks the character of many of the other locations in the country. The new mosque though is especially interesting and is the third largest mosque in the world.
Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque V130-9339Casablanca, Train Station 151-2796Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque151-2762Casablanca, Wall, Gate V151-2784Casablanca, Windows, Clothesline151-2652Casablanca, Women at Hassan II Mosque151-2723Casablanca, Medina151-3109Casablanca, Medina151-3114Casablanca, Minaret V151-3089Casablanca, New Architecture151-2647Casablanca, Port, Hassan II Mosque V151-2613Casablanca, Port151-2611Casablanca, Sunset at Hassan II Mosque151-2726Casablanca, Sunset at Hassan II Mosque151-2731Casablanca, Teddy Bear on Clothesline V151-2774Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque151-2688Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque151-2689Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque151-2767Casablanca, Kids Playing151-2775Casablanca, Medina, Door V151-7623

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