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Vanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance0612278Vanuatu, Ambrym, Boy V0612203aVanuatu, Ambrym, People0612352aVanuatu, Ambrym, Kids V0612199aVanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance0612215Vanuatu, Ambrym, Girl V0612192aVanuatu, Ambrym, Man0612186aVanuatu, Ambrym, Kids on Beach0612323aVanuatu, Ambrym, People0612195aVanuatu, Ambrym, Mother and Child V0612310aVanuatu, Ambrym, People on Beach0612318aVanuatu, Ambrym, People0612366aVanuatu, Ambrym, People0612363aVanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance, Boy0612292aVanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance0612273Vanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance, Pig0612275Vanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance V0612281Vanuatu, Ambrym, Woman and Child V0612361aVanuatu, Ambrym, Woman V0612362aVanuatu, Ambrym, ROM Dance V0612239a

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