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Hippo Regius was an ancient Roman city in what is now Annaba, Algeria, in northern Africa. It has some impressive ruins including some underground plumbing, and is seldom visited by tourists.
Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins V1027071aAnnaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins V1027095Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins V1027100Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins V1027105Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027037Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027043aAnnaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027052aAnnaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027069Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027081Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027111Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027121aAnnaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027123aAnnaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027130Annaba, Hippo Regius, Ruins1027133aAnnaba, Hippo Regius1027159Annaba, Hippo Regius Museum, Well V1027155Annaba, Hippo Regius Museum V1027140Annaba, Hippo Regius Museum V1027146Annaba, Hippo Regius Museum V1027147Annaba, Hippo Regius Museum V1027150

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