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Hangzhou is at the southern end of the Grand Canal and is a very popular tourist attraction, especially with the Chinese. It is most famous for its lake with several sacred islands.
Hangzhou, Girl020407-6507aHangzhou, 3 Pools Is020407-6532aHangzhou, Lingyin Temple, Incense020407-6463Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple, Buddha020407-6490Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple, Smoke020407-6465Hangzhou, Lanterns020406-6416Hangzhou, 3 Pools Is, Bird020407-6520Hangzhou, 3 Pools Is, Flower020407-6526Hangzhou, Bikes020406-6395Hangzhou, Couple020406-6411Hangzhou, Flowers020407-6538Hangzhou, Fun Store020406-6429Hangzhou, KFC020406-6430Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6440Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6441Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6442Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6445Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6450Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6452Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple020407-6455

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