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Lots of wooden churches and old traditions make this a very special part of the world. Maramures is in the northern part of Romania.
Barsana, Bridge030928-0066Barsana, Man Walking, V030928-0060Barsana, Monastery, Spires, V030928-0091aBarsana, Monastery, V030928-0086aBarsana, Monastery, V030928-0093Barsana, Women030928-0055aBarsana, Women030928-0061aBogdan Voda, Girl030928-0174aBogdan Voda, Kids030928-0172aBorsa, Church, V030929-0212Borsa, Horse Cart030929-0215Borsa, Stray Dogs030929-0209aDesesti, Girl, V030928-9783aDesesti, Girl, V030928-9787aDesesti, People030928-9794aDesesti, Wooden Church, Interior, V030928-9813Desesti, Wooden Church, Interior030928-9806Desesti, Wooden Church, Roof Detail, V030928-9816Desesti, Wooden Church, V030928-9815Desesti, Wooden Church, V030928-9820

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