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Whittier was built primarily as a military port for Anchorage in World War II that was protected in a narrow fjord, and would be very difficult for the Japanese to bomb and even hard for them to find with the usually rainy and foggy weather. It is now a fishing port and also a terminus for cruise ships going to Anchorage after the Inside Passage. From Anchorage, it provides a gateway to Prince William Sound. The majority of residents in Whittier live in one building.
Whittier0465976aWhittier, Harbor020622-2580Whittier, Bald Eagle0577408aWhittier, Workers020622-2601Whittier020622-2539Whittier, Kayak Lessons V0819020Whittier, Begich Towers020622-2563Whittier, Billings Glacier020622-2541Whittier, Billings Glacier, Alaskan Railway0819037Whittier, Buckner Bldg0819027Whittier, Marina Thru Window0819003Whittier, Statue020622-2561Whittier, Billings Glacier, Containers0819039Whittier, Billings Glacier0819041Whittier, Billings Glacier0819043Whittier, Boat020622-2590Whittier, Couple020622-2572Whittier, Dishes020622-2568Whittier, Doorway V0819024Whittier, Flowers V0818997

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