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Caserta is the home of the palace of the same name, built to compete with Versailles for its opulance and size. It was the largest palace in Europe in the late 18th century after it was built.
Caserta, Palace1029245Caserta, Palace, Gardens1029394Caserta, Palace, Archway V1029254aCaserta, Palace, Stairway1029264Caserta, Palace, Birdcage V1029340Caserta, Palace, Capadimonte Figurines V1029373Caserta, Palace, Capadimonte Figurines1029370Caserta, Palace, Capadimonte Figurines1029372aCaserta, Palace, Ceiling1029284aCaserta, Palace, Ceiling1029327aCaserta, Palace, Gardens, Fountain, Fish1029424aCaserta, Palace, Gardens, Fountain1029398Caserta, Palace, Gardens, Fountain1029407Caserta, Palace, Gardens, Fountain1029439Caserta, Palace, Grounds1029385Caserta, Palace, Lion Ornament V1029378Caserta, Palace, Bathroom Faucets1029316Caserta, Palace, Bathroom1029310Caserta, Palace, Bed V1029307Caserta, Palace, Bed1029301

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