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This was the 136th year of the Rochester Fair, in Rochester, New Hampshire. It no longer hosts the horse races which were popular for so many years, but still features lots of shows and agricultural competitions as well as rides and games. This year was apparently a record year for attendance, though the day I went started out as a rainy day and had very few attendees. Because of copyright issues and no model releases, I do not have any of these available for sale. I may also include some images from prior years as well. ----Addendum: I have now added some pictures from a prior year as well.
Rochester Fair, Kissing Cow020919-8716-2Rochester Fair112-0884Rochester Fair, Horses0583770Kissing CowsRochester Fair112-1021Rochester Fair, Ferris Wheel020919-8758Rochester Fair, Ferris Wheel030912-8998Rochester Fair, Harness Racing0583704aRochester Fair, Bingo030912-9020Rochester Fair, Horse Races030912-8979aRochester Fair, Bounce Ride V0583760Rochester Fair112-1038Rochester Fair, Ferris Wheel020919-8725Rochester Fair, Rubber Ducks020919-8713Rochester Fair, Ride020919-8724Rochester Fair112-0873Rochester Fair, Giant Pumpkins0583754aRochester Fair0583741

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