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Kodiak Island is south of Anchorage and Homer, and one of the largest islands in the United States. It is famous for its bears which are not often seen near the town of Kodiak. The town itself lies on the northern end of the Island. It hosts the country's largest Coast Guard base, a huge halibut fishery, a Russian Orthodox church, the home of what is left of the once popular Moonie religious cult, and even a small heard of bison.
Kodiak, Welcome Sign0466444Kodiak, f Pillar Mtn0466167Kodiak020619-2065Ft Abercrombie SHP, Lake0469855Kodiak, Orthodox Church0466487Kodiak, Orthodox Church, V0466466Kodiak, Church Domes020531-0016Kodiak, Russian Priest020531-0023Ft Abercrombie SHP, Spider, V0469828aFt Abercrombie SHP, Spider0469799aFt Abercrombie SHP0469725Ft Abercrombie SHP0469747Hicks, Drew, Chiniak, V0466363aKodiak, Abercrombie SP, Ferns, V0466143Kodiak, Pasagshak0466233aKodiak, Abercrombie SP0466110Kodiak, Bald Eagle, V0466106aKodiak, Church Altar0020Kodiak, Dancers020531-0034Kodiak, f Bridge0466036

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